Tuesday, 9 April 2013

[HACK] Valkyrie Crusade v1.2.2

Application Name: Valkyrie Crusade
Current Version: 1.2.2
Itunes Url: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/valkyrie-crusade/id586114395?mt=8&uo=4

Hack features:
- Infinite Gold (Works Partially)
- Infinite Iron (Works Partially)
- Infinite Green Bottles (Works Partially)
Hack requirements:
- Jailbroken device

Hack instructions:
1. Download the edited binary hacked files here: Download Link

2. (Backup your original binary because you'll need it later)
3. Go to Valkyrie Crusade directory (/var/mobile/Application/SG2/SG2.app/)
4. Replace the binary with the one you downloaded
5. Set Permissions to 777 (Read/Write/Execute with iFile)
6. And Upgrade your buildings

Only works for upgrading buildings
- Doesnt work for expanding
- Doesnt work to buy new stuff
- After you upgrade something click on the three buildings to get a lil bit of coin and resources to refill the bars

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